Disproportionate development

In 2016 at the time that the Bolney Neighbourhood plan was Made, Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) said Bolney was suitable for ‘proportionate’ growth and was allocated 1.5% of the new houses being planned in Mid Sussex. The inclusion of 200 houses at Foxhole Farm as set out in the latest draft District Plan (Reg 19, 2023/2024) is a completely disproportionate number which would double the size of a rural village without the necessary supporting transport and infrastructure.

Disproportionate development can mean:
- excessive scale, density and conflicting character compared to other dwellings and historic setting
- increased traffic
- overburdening local services

The Built-Up Area (BUA) boundary marks the distinction between built-up areas of the village and the countryside. When sizeable housing estates are built adjacent to a BUA, the boundary is likely to be redrawn to include them. This has already happened with the two developments on London Road near the school/church.

It is dangerous to compromise and accept partial development of a field or a reduced number of houses on any greenfield site as developers will eventually push for development of the remainder, and they have the resources and funds to challenge anything in their way.

We consider that adding a 200-house estate to Bolney at Foxhole Farm is disproportionate and unsustainable.