Our aims and the story so far

The Bolney Neighbourhood Plan had a Vision and Objectives for Bolney which is still relevant and is supported by the Bolney Action Group

Many of the policies and statements are still applicable/desirable today, eg:
- The development of Bolney to be focused within the Built-up Area Boundary as identified on the Proposals Map and on Map 2, page 26 (link below)
- The significant majority of our current dwellings have the benefit of a rural outlook and they are at a low density, which we wish to uphold.
- The village needs to accommodate a degree of growth in order to prosper. However, this must be balanced against the need to preserve its role as a rural settlement which does not encroach unduly on the open countryside that surrounds it.
- have an overall residential mix of 1 and 2 bed properties (40% of all dwellings), 3 bed (20-40%) and 4+ bed (max 15%).

The BNDP identified 3 sites for development at that time: London Road ~30 dwellings; GW Motors 8-10; Bolney House Gardens 3-5.
Of these, 21 houses have been delivered on the London Road site at the new Davey Road and there have also been a considerable number of 'windfall' constructions.

Number of houses

The 2011 census tells us that Bolney had 510 dwellings in total with a predominance of family housing (59.3% are detached) 77.5% of homes are owned, with 22.5% available for rent (10.2% for private rent, 7.4% for social rent, and 4.9% for other rent). Source: Bolney Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council's response to the draft Reg 19 submission of Feb 2024 includes the following statistics:
According to the Census in 2021 Bolney village (see note 1) had a population of 632 people living in 259 households.
Note 1: This is the area within the built-up area boundary and is based on ONS aggregated output areas (E00161633 and E00161635)

In February 2024 we believe 21 houses have been added in the last year and a further 22 across the last 2-5 years, and a number of these are located outside the Built Up Area.

To deliver the sustainable development of Bolney parish, at a scale and form that preserves its distinctive rural character, landscape and community ethos.